Maybe its because im banned from alcohol

Something that has caught my eye recently while browsing the internet is the packaging design of alcohol. A while back my mum and I were time wasting in Selfridges and were completely drawn in by the taster samples of the Mahiki Coconut, the cool Hawaiian design got our attention and the taste; if its possible for something to taste like summer this is it!... And now it turns out that the creative team behind the designs have been awarded a Marketing Brilliance award!

I then came across this limited edition Absolut bottle designed by Jamie Hewlett of Gorilllaz. Each character represents the people of London through the ages, from punk to the dandy and more. 
...And then these bottles cropped up! The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin has now extended its branding into its own line of alcoholic drinks, the bottle design follows that of the Michelberger brand, the brand lives in the world of German fairytales which is reflected in the designs "A drink is like a mask, it lets you feel something else or even become someone else, and so the visual concept is based around two masks- a wolf in the forest and a bird in the mountain". 

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