with the light turned off

I really love lighting. It can change the mood of a room or space and depending on how you use it, it can appear to change the temperature of the room. I never have the main light on in my bedroom, I always have fairy lights, lamps or candles; it makes me feel more relaxed and calm. I found these beautiful creation by graphic designer Jeanne Notari and feel it would be an essential for my first home (whenever that will be). 


something about this i love

Maybe its because im banned from alcohol

Something that has caught my eye recently while browsing the internet is the packaging design of alcohol. A while back my mum and I were time wasting in Selfridges and were completely drawn in by the taster samples of the Mahiki Coconut, the cool Hawaiian design got our attention and the taste; if its possible for something to taste like summer this is it!... And now it turns out that the creative team behind the designs have been awarded a Marketing Brilliance award!

I then came across this limited edition Absolut bottle designed by Jamie Hewlett of Gorilllaz. Each character represents the people of London through the ages, from punk to the dandy and more. 
...And then these bottles cropped up! The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin has now extended its branding into its own line of alcoholic drinks, the bottle design follows that of the Michelberger brand, the brand lives in the world of German fairytales which is reflected in the designs "A drink is like a mask, it lets you feel something else or even become someone else, and so the visual concept is based around two masks- a wolf in the forest and a bird in the mountain". 


If you go i'll go

Billabong is one of my favorite brands and when i was browsing their website i found there new online Zine that i have fallen in love with. As our Zine project is fast approaching at Uni i thought it appropriate to share. I love the layout and cropping of images, the use of graphics and type, the bold colours and of course its makes me lust over summer more than ever.

...full zine here

Connecting generations of creatives

Can Americas most iconic advertising campaigns be re-imagines for the web?
This is such a cool idea that has the potential to really connect the advertising industry with new technology. Its a simple yet clever experiment put forward by Google as they work with four advertising legends who are responsible for iconic commercials such as Coca-Cola. The project is to bring their original ideas and creations to life online by using the latest technologies. they want to inspire the new generation of creatives and  'shake up' the industry. 

I'm so intrigued to see how this turns out and whether it really will inspire and produce new bright ideas. i have high hopes considering the brains behind the project...


Summer Lovin

Zimmermann is one of my favorite brands and i can always count on them to get me in the mood for summer. we might only be a week into January but summer plans are well under way and i can not wait! 

HELLO 2012

its actually unreal how fast 2011 has flown by, so much has happened and changed but i wont bore you with all the details. its been a year full of laughter and adventures but im pretty sure things will only get better (i hope). 
i wanted to post my new years resolutions today but i've decided not to make any this year. i always forget them and to be honest, thinking about the future really freaks me out! im happy with how things are going at the moment so im just going to keep plodding along like usual and seeing how things pan out. everything happens for a reason and all that. 
so happy new year you lovely lot and i'll leave you with some images ive recently collected from various places...

Sand between my toes at last

Back in good 'ol Devon for Christmas and im so happy to be home for a break. Family, friends, food and the beach. Perfection. 


Estella Bartlett

On Tuesday afternoon i ventured down to London to work with the beautiful new jewelery brand  Estella Bartlett. I had such an incredible few days and met some amazingly talented people from industry who taught me a lot. We were working to get two head shots for their first ever advertising campaign- so exciting to be a part of it! The first shoot was to promote their chic, dainty necklaces and the second for their playful collection of friendship bracelets. Here are some sneaky photos from my mini adventure... 
-Making the early risers on the underground smile at 7am with our collection of silver heart balloons and suitcases full of props (minus the grumpy man on the right who wasn't too impressed!). 
-The shoot in progress... 
-After a long day of posing (ha) i spent the rest of the day exploring London, excuse the poor quality phone pics...
 -A delayed train makes a crazy Lexi...

Help to get the brand growing by liking their facebook page.


inspiration for BERLIN

I will make my own version of this in Berlin. 
im usually the kind of person who cant survive without my 8 hours sleep but as of recent i haven't been able to do so, whether its not being able to get to sleep or have a lie in! ive been waking up around 8am no matter what time i go to bed, if id been out the night before or don't need to be up for hours. However it has come in useful the last few days as i have got a lot of research, errands and little tasks that have been outstanding for too long- completed/started!
my point is that i have lots to share, but right now i need to meet my group to try and finish this Unilever project so it will have to wait...